• Sorrento, British Columbia
  • 250-675-5591
One of a kind, timeless sculptures that aim to evoke emotion.

About the Artist

Sculpture is Susan McLeod’s passion and her goal is to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces!

For the past 20 plus years Susan has created clay pieces for the home and garden. Most recently she is hand building clay flowers on driftwood and 3D flower garden pictures. While it has been a steep learning curve to do so, she quickly realized that there is pleasure to be derived in trying.

When introduced to Fabric Sculpture 16 years ago, she discovered that this was the medium she could use to create the human form. With wire, tin foil, fabric and a hardening agent each sculpture piece is uniquely different and exciting in its challenges. Her inspiration for her sculptures comes from nature, interesting pieces of driftwood and rocks, as well as ‘treasures’ rescued and recycled. Susan loves the thrill of finding these pieces and imagining the character that will come to life on them. Each one has its own story and a title for the sculpture often surfaces before the piece is completed. A smile on the face of the viewer is one measure of success.

Susan has exhibited her sculpture work in Art Shows in the Interior and Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Alberta, Canada, as well as Idaho, USA. Her sculptures have found new homes across Canada and the US as well as journeyed to new resting places in Germany and Australia.

Susan V. McLeod - FabArt